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How LiCalab supports businesses and organisations to innovate

Our testpanel of about 1000 patients and elderly and many care professionals share their user feedback with us.



Follow.Me is a tracking system that can localise people and give automatic notifications once they leave a certain area. This system is aimed to improve the quality of life of elderly people suffering from early-stage Alzheimer's or dementia.

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In the Buurtschakel project, research group VONK3 of Thomas More developed a methodology to strengthen the care networks for the elderly, with a special focus on frail older people.

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The NOAH project (NOt Alone at Home) helps single elderly people to continue living at home for as long as possible by using smart technology based on wireless sensors. NOAH is a EU project (AAL).

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In for care


As a consequence of an ageing population, the rising costs for (care) services and recent budget cuts, countries around the North Sea move from a care system whereby the state regulates, cares and pays to one that facilitates a civil society that is based on solidarity and community. Looking for new strategies, decision makers have direct attention to informal care and voluntary assistance.


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With the self-scoring app, GGzE and IT-company BPI develop together a new instrument for regular mental health care, forensic mental healthcare, detention and addiction care. The instrument allows clients to map their own protection and risk factors.

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CE-Mate and GGzE want to develop a lithium self-test method with a blended care concept for clients with bipolar disorder. CE-Mate has already developed a validated lithium self test based on a unique and patented Lab-on-a-Chip technology that uses capillary electrophoresis. The application has already been technically and clinically validated in an earlier phase. 

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The ZIN-check project aims to enable relatives and care professionals to better regulate the intake of medication by vulnerable elderly and mental health professionals. The power of the project lies in the possibilities of the ZIN check platform that allows equipment (such as personal alarm) to send voice reminders and ask the end user for confirmation.

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Geberit douche toilet


In the residential care centre Witte Meren in Mol, LiCalab monitors the real life test of the shower toilet Geberit Aqua Clean. 

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