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How LiCalab supports businesses and organisations to innovate

Our testpanel of about 1000 patients and elderly and many care professionals share their user feedback with us.

Path Finder


Path Finder is designed to relieve walking problems, including lack of symmetry, shuffling and 'freezing of gait' in conditions such as stroke or Parkinson's disease. Path Finder is a shoe attachment tool and projects a visual helpline for the wearer's feet.

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Testing in Europe, Latin-America and Asia


LiCalab has built an international network of living labs. We explored a new design for medication packaging for a large pharmaceutical company with partners from other EU countries, such as the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Denmark, Slovenia and France (2015), as well as Asia and Latin-America (2016).

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Minze Homeflow


Minze Health develops internet-connected medical products for use at home. Their focus is on urology. Urination problems originate in the lower urinary tract and can occur in men, women and children.The most common conditions that cause complaints in the lower urinary tract are prostate enlargement, nervous system disorders, urinary incontinence, bladder and prostate cancer or incontinence after pregnancy.

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The Helium project (Health Innovation Experimental Landscape through Policy Improvement) focuses on innovation in the health, welfare and life sciences sectors. Helium aims to stimulate care innovation and economic growth by sharing knowledge and creating more possibilities in order to implement new technologies in the healthcare sector.

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Arthe is a project by Ortho-Medico NV and the Thomas More research group Mobilab, aimed at developing a new generation of intelligent rehabilitation aids that offer adaptive movement assistance to patients with weak or abnormal muscle control.

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SenZYX is a project that LiCalab is working on with Van Roey ICT Group. Van Roey want to help people live active, independent lives, regardless of age, disability, injury or illness, by optimising care processes with smart, wearable devices. SenZYX wants to offer curative and preventive help for people with lower back pain. SenZYX is part of the CrossCare project.

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Health & Care Network Kempen


The Health & Care Network Kempen strengthens entrepreneurship and co-operation within the health & care sector, in order to boost healthcare innovation and put it on the map internationally. With a single, loud and powerful voice we represent the interests in Kempen and make this region attractive for health & care activities, both national and international.

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Healthcare without digital communication has become inconceivable. Both health care providers and patients/clients communicate digitally more and more often. Unfortunately there is a lack of safe and easy ways of communicating in this sector. This means that the focus on secure mail is increasing exponentially.

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Through the Topshake project, nutritional company Tops Foods, expertise centre Mobilab (Thomas More) and Lab4Food (KU Leuven) developed an innovative, fresh and industrially prepared breakfast for dementia patients who have difficulties swallowing.

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KIS 2.0 is an interactive follow-up system for type 2 diabetes patients and their carers. This is a project within the European EIT Health programme and a co-operation of five EU countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain.

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