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Aesthetic care furniture

TUOI strives to create products that both meet the needs of the elderly and are aesthetically appealing to all generations. The products of TUOI include a bathroom cabinetry (Hilow), a reclining chair (Pause), an innovative storage system (Hold) and an acoustical headboard for the bed (Mute). All these products possess specific functionalities to address different challenges that may arise with aging.

Hilow uses a streamlined design. This way they want to avoid sharp edges that can be walked against. Pause is a seat with an adjustable back-, head- and footrest. It also offers assistance when getting up. Hold is a storage system in which you can pull the clothes rails towards yourself, even if you are in a seated position. Mute can be used in a double bed. It mutes both sound and light.

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LiCalab has the lead in this project. The offered SEAS 2 Grow services are:

  • Live test will be performed in 2 regions, i.e. the Netherlands and France. In the Netherlands only Pause and Mute are tested. In France all furniture is tested.
  • In the Netherlands, France and the UK there will be a session with experts (distributors/suppliers of furniture, architects/designers, management of nursing homes).


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