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Testing in Europe, Latin-America and Asia

International testing of medication packaging

Duration of this project: 6 months

LiCalab has built an international network of living labs. We explored a new design for medication packaging for a large pharmaceutical company with partners from other EU countries, such as the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Denmark, Slovenia and France (2015), as well as Asia and Latin-America (2016).

Co-creation with patients and professionals

Based on the results of the co-creation sessions with patients, pharmacists and nurses, the company developed three new designs. These were tested among 20 patients and 10 pharmacists in 5 EU countries (2015). The new packaging is currently on the market in the Netherlands.

Validation of new design in Latin-America, Asia and Australia

In 2016, the company asked LiCalab to investigate whether this European design would also work in a different culture and context, i.e. in Latin-America, Asia and Australia. What about colours and colour associations? Are warning symbols interpreted the same way? LiCalab and Applied Psychology at Thomas More developed a study that was conducted in Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico in November 2016. In each country the participants were patients and healthcare providers.

  • Co-creation sessions in Belgium, the UK, Denmark, Italy and Slovenia:

20 patients 8-10 pharmacists and hospital pharmacists 8-10 home nurses 8-10 prescribers

  • Life tests in Belgium, the UK and Denmark, with:

16 patients 16 pharmacists 16 patients 10 pharmacists

  • Life tests in Australia, Japan, China, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, with:

15 patients 15 medical professionals


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