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Curative and preventive help for people with lower back pain

Duration of this project: 1 October 2016 - 30 September 2018

SenZYX is a project that LiCalab is working on with Van Roey ICT Group. Van Roey want to help people live active, independent lives, regardless of age, disability, injury or illness, by optimising care processes with smart, wearable devices. SenZYX wants to offer curative and preventive help for people with lower back pain. SenZYX is part of the CrossCare project.

Lower back pain can be caused by incorrect posture and insufficient exercise, or poor ergonomics. Van Roey ICT Group has developed a prototype for the smart sensor SenZYX and has already researched its technical workability.
Together with the testing grounds LiCalab in Flanders and LifeLabs in the Netherlands, Van Roey ICT Group will refine and test the prototype in a real context. In Flanders they will conduct tests in an environment with lower back pain patients. The test group in the Netherlands will consist of nurses, an important risk group for lower back pain.
Based on the life tests results, Van Roey will adjust the casing, the sticker and the definition of statuses, movements and postures, and integrate them in one usable unit. Those suffering from lower back pain can also do exercises with SenZYX. These exercises are defined within the project, loaded to the device and made available to the end user.

LiCalab organises:

  • Co-creation sessions

Two sessions to measure the concept and its added value. The first prototype will be shown during these sessions.

  1. People with lower back pain (8-10 people)
  2. Nursing staff (home care, elderly care homes, hospitals), physiotherapists, occupational therapists (total: 8-10 people)
  • Life tests

User tests with 10 people that have lower back pain and who preferably are already in rehabilitation.

  • Business model co-creation


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