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Sensor to monitor sleep and wellbeing

SenseRadar is a sensor to monitor your sleep. The system works with a new radar technology, which makes it possible to scan through (multiple) materials. It offers the possibility to measure different body functions (heart rate, breathing, movements, getting in and out of bed, presence, stress level, moisture, weight, fitness, fall detection, ...), in order to evaluate the care needs.

The general condition of the person is scanned, analysed, recorded and, if necessary, an alarm is generated. All this data is sent to a smartphone, tablet or PC so that both the elder and the caregiver can monitor the wellbeing of the elderly. The aim of SenseRadar is to enable the elderly to live at home longer and to reduce the workload of carers.

Both in Belgium and the Netherlands co-creation sessions are performed. LiCalab takes care of the co-creation in Belgium. During this session, the product is demonstrated and feedback about the functionality and possibilities of the product is collected.
The co-creation session is already completed. In the Netherlands there will be an additional lab and live test.


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