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Transnational network of healthcare testing grounds

Duration of this project: 01 September 2016 - 01 September 2020

SEAS 2 Grow (Silver Economy Accelerating Strategies To Grow) helps businesses develop their care innovations for the Silver Economy quicker and implement them Europe-wide. Businesses can test their innovative products and services in 4 countries, thanks to the cross-border accelerator providing services throughout the entire innovation process. This project is a co-operation between eight partners in France, England, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Seas2Grow can help businesses in different phases of development:

  • During the concept phase, they organise co-creation sessions with target groups and experts from those 4 countries In an early stage of development, Smart Homes organises lab tests in simulated living environments in the Netherlands .
  • Once a functional prototype or final product is available, LiCalab organises tests in the living environment of the end users.
  • The English partner helps business to develop new business models for care innovation The French lead partner adds an active business cluster around 'Silver Economy', with more than 250 companies

In 2017-2018 the partners will select 15 promising innovations to be supported by this cross-border accelerator. Selection will take place on 3 different moments (3 waves). More info can be found in the presentation that can be downloaded.

On 22 March 2017 the following 6 innovations: 'Entusia' (BE), 'Familities' (FR), Freya Products ' Freya Lévaté' (BE), 'Goshawk Speech Intelligibility Platform' (UK), Sensara 'Knowing better is caring better' (NL), 'Yumii' (FR)

Does your organisation have an idea, product or service that could be supported by the Seas2Grow accelerator? If yes: contact for more information. 

Seas2Grow is a project from the Interreg 2 Seas EU programme. Read more at

Within this project, LiCalab organises the collaboration between the living labs in the four countries. LiCalab develops the strategy to recruit businesses and the selection process to identify innovations. LiCalab organises the first test projects. These are conducted in at least two EU countries simultaneously.


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