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Think global, talk local

The goal of Parlangi is to let people meet across the borders of countries and generations. It’s an online platform where youngsters (13-25) and elders (55+) have conversations in the mother tongue of the elderly. This way youngsters refine their knowledge of a foreign language, and they gain some general wisdom on life. The elders on the other hand, are having more social contact. Social interaction is proven to have a positive effect on learning and contributes to a healthy life.

The platform links people regarding their profile and common interests. This way they certainly have something to talk about during their videocalls. Although, social media are nothing new, Parlangi profiles itself as a ‘social medium +’. This because of the focus on the social aspect by interacting face to face.

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SEAS 2 Grow services to the company:

  • During a first test phase, elders from the UK and France will be connected to youngsters from Belgium.
  • Further testing will take place in the UK and France.


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