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Mobile health app for rehabilitation

MoveUp is a rehabilitation app, combined with a smart wearable. These closely monitor the patient's progress and provide immediate insight into the patient's improvement. A care team of physiotherapists and doctors will provide follow-up and coaching throughout the rehabilitation process.

The mission of moveUP is to drastically improve the outcome and cost efficiency for all patients and stakeholders involved in rehabilitation after a total knee or hip replacement. Their goal is to offer a fully automated, personalised tele-rehabilitation solution, to allow patients to recover from surgery at home and at their own pace. The rehabilitation programme is therefore adapted to the wishes and needs of the patient.

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LiCalab has the lead in this project. The offered SEAS 2 Grow services are:

  • Co-creation sessions in the UK, France and the Netherlands where the product will be demonstrated. The aim is to find out the needs of both the elderly and professionals.
  • The live tests will be performed in the UK and the Netherlands.
  • Interviews with healthcare professionals will be conducted in the UK, France and the Netherlands.


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