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Regaining autonomy for disabled people

Lifebloom is a medical device that assists (elderly) people with a physical disability in getting up and walking. Due to a greater risk of falls, they are often immobilised, resulting in a loss of autonomy.

Unlike other exoskeletons, Lifebloom instructs the movement from the patient himself. By activating the muscles they want to prevent loss of strength. The three main goals are to help the user get up and give him a stable posture, to help him walk, and to reduce the risk of falling.

The SEAS 2 Grow partners offer the following activities:

  • Co-creation session with elders and experts in Belgium (LiCalab), the Netherlands, France and the UK.
  • The first phase of the live tests will take place in Belgium and France.
  • For phase 2, tests will be performed in a nursing home and a rehabilitation centre in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the UK.
  • Interviews will also be conducted with healthcare professionals in these countries.


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