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How LiCalab supports businesses and organisations to innovate

Our testpanel of about 1000 patients and elderly and many care professionals share their user feedback with us.



The CrossCare project supports 42 care innovation projects over the next five years. In CrossCare, each innovation project is guided by a Flemish and a Dutch care testing ground for co-creation sessions with end users, tests in the right care environments and business modelling sessions. The selected entrepreneurs receive financial support to further develop their innovation.

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SEAS 2 Grow (Silver Economy Accelerating Strategies To Grow) helps businesses develop their care innovations for the Silver Economy quicker and implement them Europe-wide. Businesses can test their innovative products and services in 4 countries, thanks to the cross-border accelerator providing services throughout the entire innovation process. This project is a co-operation between eight partners in France, England, The Netherlands and Belgium.

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E-wear is a connected t-shirt with built-in electronics that can monitor certain events via a mobile app (e.g. steps, distance, stress, posture, falls). E-wear uses these parameters to calculate the level of wellbeing of the person wearing the t-shirt. In case the wellbeing should suddenly drop (e.g. due to a fall or high level of stress), E-wear will notify you.

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MoveUp is a rehabilitation app, combined with a smart wearable. These closely monitor the patient's progress and provide immediate insight into the patient's improvement. A care team of physiotherapists and doctors will provide follow-up and coaching throughout the rehabilitation process.

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The goal of Parlangi is to let people meet across the borders of countries and generations. It’s an online platform where youngsters (13-25) and elders (55+) have conversations in the mother tongue of the elderly. This way youngsters refine their knowledge of a foreign language, and they gain some general wisdom on life. The elders on the other hand, are having more social contact. Social interaction is proven to have a positive effect on learning and contributes to a healthy life.

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TUOI strives to create products that both meet the needs of the elderly and are aesthetically appealing to all generations. The products of TUOI include a bathroom cabinetry (Hilow), a reclining chair (Pause), an innovative storage system (Hold) and an acoustical headboard for the bed (Mute). All these products possess specific functionalities to address different challenges that may arise with aging.

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SenseRadar is a sensor to monitor your sleep. The system works with a new radar technology, which makes it possible to scan through (multiple) materials. It offers the possibility to measure different body functions (heart rate, breathing, movements, getting in and out of bed, presence, stress level, moisture, weight, fitness, fall detection, ...), in order to evaluate the care needs.

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Lifebloom is a medical device that assists (elderly) people with a physical disability in getting up and walking. Due to a greater risk of falls, they are often immobilised, resulting in a loss of autonomy.

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Compression stockings are often used to prevent deep vein thrombosis or e.g. to help with the revalidation of a knee surgery. However, applying these stockings is often difficult due to its tight elasticated fitting and requires some assistance by e.g. a nurse.

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into-care-2.jpg is a digital care innovation to improve and facilitate work processes. Professionals in the work field have too much administrative work, too little up-to-date (patient) data and are poorly coordinated due to a lack of information. The aim of is to reduce administration, provide updated and relevant data, and create a platform to work as efficiently as possible.

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